Pizza vending machine, now I have seen it all!

Pizza vending machine, now I have seen it all!

First I thought this was a Photoshop then I did a little research and noticed that there are several of these pizza vending machine in Europe, they are located in the Netherlands in Luxembourg and in Belgium and because all that great success it could be expanded to Austria Germany and France.

These particular vending machines allow you to choose between several toppings and then it will actually make the pizza in front of your eyes, you can actually watch it through a glass window while it is baking.

Unless I am absolutely starving to death and I mean to death I think that I would pass on something like this LOL!

Looking for a wife? You can buy one in Vietnam!

Looking for a wife? You can buy one in Vietnam!

This is not a prank, this is an actual ad on a Vietnamese newspaper with a date September 9, 2013.

1. Guaranteed virgin
2. Guaranteed to be delivered within 90 days
3. No extra charges
4. If she runs away within a year you’ll get another one for free

This is obviously a scam but we thought it was pretty funny to show what they are trying to do to attract rich tourists in Vietnam to suck $6000 out of them. And I’m ready to bet that there is a dumb ass or two that will actually fall for it and give them the money.





Husband sues his wife because his children are ugly

Husband sues his wife because his children are ugly

A Chinese citizen divorced and then decided to take legal action against his ex-wife for giving birth to what he says was an extremely ugly female child.

Initially he accused his wife of cheating on him, simply because he said he could never be the father such an ugly child, and therefore this child had to be the result of infidelity.

A DNA test was taken and the results showed that he was the father of the so-called ugly little girl. However his wife did come up with a little secret once she was interviewed by local press: Two years before she met and married her husband she had spent over $100,000 on cosmetic adjustments.

However the lawsuit did go through on the grounds of false pretenses and for keeping a secret regarding the plastic surgery and tricking him into thinking that she was so beautiful. The judge ruled that his wife now has to pay him a total of $120,000 in damages.

Leaving the courthouse he claimed that he married his wife out of extreme love, but issues began in their marriage once the first child was born, he stated that his daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where she absolutely disgusted and horrified me!

Middle-aged woman </br>calls 911 asking for sex

Middle-aged woman
calls 911 asking for sex

a woman resident in the state of Florida dialed 911 from her home phone and started hitting on the responding male officer requesting from him phone sex.

Maria M. age of 58 was arrested for using an appropriately the 911 emergency system. It all started when Maria called 911 with an unfruitful but very convincing story and once a police officer arrived at her doorstep she tried to have sex with him.

Maria told police that she had handed over to her former husbands son her vehicle while she was under the influence of alcohol and requested to have the car back. When officer Justin D. arrived at the scene Maria allegedly hit on him in a very aggressive manner.

She asked the officer if he was married and also asked if she could give him a massage. The officer however was not interested in Maria’s proposal and after filling out a report he then left the scene.

Maria however was not happy and called once again 911 requesting for a different officer.

When the 911 operator asked Maria why she wanted another officer, she freely explained that the officer had turned her down and made her very angry. The 911 operator fulfilled Maria’s request for another officer but in this case the officer responded to arrest her for misuse of the 911 emergency system.

Woman is seriously allergic </br>to her husband’s sperm

Woman is seriously allergic
to her husband’s sperm

this woman unfortunately discovered a problem when her and her husband had their first sexual intercourse on their wedding night.

Julie claimed that she had been thinking Mike for approximately 2 years but they had been using during all this. Of being together protection.

Julie claimed that the first time that they had unprotected sex it was like somebody was sticking needles inside her and the pain was unbearable.

Doctors at the University of Cincinnati medical Center stated that the body recognizes Seman as a foreign protein just as it would recognize anything else that give serious allergies to the human body like in some cases peanuts or even pollen. So inflammation swelling and itching can also occur sperm.

Julie was treated at the local hospital just like if she encountered an allergy this obviously after that the doctors determined what the issue was and what obviously caused the reaction.

There are treatments available that work for couples that have these issues, if we can call them issues LOL. However for Julie it didn’t work. From what we understand the couple has now started adoption proceedings.

A man faked he was in a<br /> coma for two years to avoid court

A man faked he was in a
coma for two years to avoid court

It wasn’t all working well, Intel police checked his supermarket loyalty card.

Mr. Alan Knight of Swansea, Wales In the UK faked to be in a coma and thus to avoid prosecution for stealing more than 40,000 pounds from the bank account of his next door neighbor.

At a certain point police became a little suspicious and started to investigate the claims of Mr. Knight’s lawyer that his client was quadriplegic and that his status at times would drop him into a coma. Mr. Knight also checked himself in to his local hospital with the claims that he was having serious seizures.

Mr. Knight’s very compensable excuse was later uncovered by local police when they looked through his trans action records and found a supermarket card that led the police to track surveillance cameras and the footage of Mr. Knight walking around casually shopping and also driving his car.

The prosecuting judge claimed that Mr. Knight was extremely convincing and was a very good actor claiming his illness.

Mr. Knight is due to be sentenced by November 7, 2014