An Oklahoma City Walmart is asking employees to donate food to help their coworkers make ends meet during the holiday season

An Oklahoma City Walmart is asking employees to donate food to help their coworkers make ends meet during the holiday season

An Oklahoma City Walmart is asking most of its employees to donate food in order to help co-workers make it through the holiday season, according to this photo that has been posted on several websites by the labor coalition called “Making Change At Walmart”. A sign on the collection stand says, “Let’s succeed by donating to associates in need!!!”

The Walmart home office drew criticism for similar employee food donations a year ago. At that time, a spokesman characterized the efforts as “part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardships.” (cough cough!)

A request for comment this past Thursday was not returned right away, but then a spokeswoman later told that the food donations was an idea of the Dairy Department Manager in that store, specifically for two coworkers that are on medical leave.

The employee that took the Oklahoma City photo did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation from the company, representatives of Making Change at Walmart said.

Walmart has faced formal charges for illegally firing and disciplining over 100 workers for participating in the organizing efforts.

It also insists that store managers and Loss Prevention Associates must monitor employee conversations, report worker sympathies with any union, and dissuade workers from joining the OUR Walmart campaign, this also present on training tapes when hired.

If Walmart employees face financial hardships, it si because of the company’s long-standing focus on minimizing its labor costs by keeping employee pay low as possible and placing a huge amount of its workers to part-time hours that further destroys their standard of living.

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Cop Avoided Bullet Thanks To The Nokia Smartphone

smartphone saves police

It happened when an off-duty police officer in Brazil was visiting his parents. Upon arriving to their home the officer discovered that robbers had taken his loved ones hostage. The thugs opened fire on the policeman, the first round shot missed him while the second one, hit him in the leg knocking him to the ground. The officer was hit at the hight of his pants pocket where a Nokia Lumia 520 was located. The best seller Windows Phone of all times saved the man from serious injury, the phone totaled as you can see in the image, but it served the cause! The officer responded by opening fire on the thugs, that at that point took off. The policeman and his parents are safe.

He Confesses to Arson on Live TV!!

He Confesses to Arson on Live TV!!

Not happy over the conditions of his rental house, a young man from Rockville (MD) set the home on fire. A TV crew that rushed to the scene got the confession on video and the young man invited them to follow him while he walked over to where two local police officers were standing, admitting the crime to them. Check out the cops face, when the young man tells him it was him that caused the fire!

Exploring The Deep Web

Exploring The Deep Web

When we use the internet we actually surf the Surface Web. As the name suggests, this is just a part of what goes on online, its what the major search engines crawl and provide us with. That would actually count for only a tiny slice of what is out there. Find out what happens beyond the 6% that we can see in 10 disturbing facts about the Deep Web.

Weird Funny Pics Collection

Weird Funny Pics Collection

We would personally like to thank every one of you that send in photographs that you have found on the Internet or you have actually taken yourself. Unfortunately we cannot show them all or we would need endless pages of photographs and clearly a lot of bandwidth in order for everybody to see them.

However we did pick a few that we consider the very best that we have received so far and would like to share them with you all today:

There is a small town in Japan where they are more cats then human residents.
cats weird

Talking about animals, let’s see how many people have the guts to try and mug this gentleman.
pitbull subway

Please Recycle!
please recicle

Okay this photograph speaks for itself, plain weird, but real!
weird bathroom

Some would say that this is Photoshop, I can guarantee you it is not it is an actual bridge in Japan.
weird bridge

Yep thats Weird!
weird tree

Duck Tape Put To Work!

Duck Tape Put To Work!

I am very much sure that you have used duct tape for at least one of the images that you see below. Keeping with you at all times, in your garage, in your car… A roll of duct tape, can resolve many problems that can occur when shops are closed or the repair man is not available.

Check out these photographs and see if you the past I’ve ever done anything similar to this, I’m pretty much sure that you have just like I have in many different occasions.

I witnessed something just like this when I was on vacation in Majorca (Spain). A young lady had broken her arm severely and until the ambulance arrived several hours later some other holidaymakers used to stool legs and some duct tape to keep her arm in place.

Cast duck tape

No I have not done this myself but I have seen it several times…

hang up washing duck tape

This is an absolute classic how many of you have installed in your Florida room or a shed and air conditioner and found out that there were large spits of air coming through the spot where the actual conditioner was placed (in most cases a window) and that you have used just like they did in this image duct tape to resolve the problem.


This is actually a trick that my girlfriend taught me. Every time that she bought a new pair of high heels she would first duct tape several points on her feet and then go to work wearing those new shoes. She would come home and have no blisters on her feet, but you would see the red marks where the blisters could have occurred, but thanks to the duct tape her feet were good.

prevent blister duck tape

If you have pets at home you will also know that they adore sleeping on your sofa instead of the blankets and cushions that you place on the floor for them to use. You will also know when they get up they leave all that hair sticking on it and in most cases when you vacuum it have to hair never comes up. In that case I use duct tape and I guarantee you every single spot of hair will come up at first go.

remove pet hair duck tape

This right here is a little out of hand, but how many of you have used duct tape to fix a tear on an old sofa, La-Z-Boy computer chair?

repair sofa duck tape

Did you know by placing duct tape on the bottom of slippery shoes you will actually get a lot better grip? I thought this was absolutely insane until I tested it earlier on this morning and I can guarantee you that the theory is 100% accurate.

shoes duck tape

Last but not least this is a real classic, this usually happens to hunters when they’re out in nowhere land and the care that boots, all they have to do is pull out of the sack a roll of duct tape and you’re good to go. The incredible thing about duct tape when applied to leather boots, is if you do apply it well actually is waterproof.

waterproof shows duck tape

How To Clean With Alka-Seltzer Video – WEIRD –

How To Clean With Alka-Seltzer Video – WEIRD –

Alka-Seltzer is used by people that have upset stomachs, and so far I think that we all knew that, but did you know it can also be used as a hardcore cleaning tool? The video posted below shows how you can put to use this tablet outside of your body and clean up things that normal soap and scrubbing can’t do.

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Did they find a Skull on Mars?

Did they find a Skull on Mars?

There are many clever people in this world who believe that planet

The image that you see above either shows a human skull half buried in the dusts of Mars, or just another rock. 99.99% of the cases, it’s just “Another Rock!”

Although the photo was taken several years ago by the Spirit rover, since then someone posted a video of the image on YouTube with digital modifications that actually make it look even more like a human skull.

A UFO website claims that there’s an 80% chance that it’s a real skull, and they also say it’s around 20% larger than a normal human skull, making this “person of the past” about 10 feet tall and possibly 350 lbs in weight.

NASA lost communication with Spirit in March 2010 after around six years of operating on the planet. Initially Spirit was supposed to operate and communicate with Earth for only a few weeks.

Russian vs American Fire fighters

Russian vs American Fire fighters

I’ll have to say that the Russian way of doing it, is fast and easy, cats have seven lives anyway, they’re only taking one out of him :P

Russian Method:

Method made in America:

Here are some Clever  but at the same time Sarcastic Replies

Here are some Clever but at the same time Sarcastic Replies

toilet mistake

funny mistake sign

lol message

funny warning

molesting funny

milk funny

funny poster board